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"It has been a transformative and altogether enjoyable experience working with Tess over the last few months. 

Before working with Tess, I was experiencing challenges with growing and leading a start up charity, particularly with understanding the needs of a diverse volunteer structure that is survivor led. Tess was able to provide tools and support me to find alternative perspectives and solutions giving me the confidence to define, and be, the leader I wanted to be.

 Her ability to intuitively and sensitively assess situations and guide honest self-reflection has also supported me to move through what I thought we’re immovable hurdles in my personal life, challenging routine thoughts that have stopped me pursuing other personal goals and relationships. These were, at times, difficult feelings to unpack, however Tess's thoughtful and kind manner eased the discomfort and helped me envision a very different future.

 I didn’t think it was possible to cover such breadth of topics in our sessions, however with Tess's patience and her ability to subtly move forward thinking, she has set me on a path for healthy emotional wellbeing that will no doubt support me in all aspects of my life for many years to come.

 VS – Director, Safeguarding Charity


"I started working with Tess when I was feeling very dissatisfied by my job and unsure how to move forward.  I was feeling stuck, full of self doubt every direction I turned. I was living in fear, and analysis paralysis preventing me taking any step.

After a teary lunch with a colleague, she recommended some coaching with Tess to me.  I was a bit hesitant, worried the coaching would be formulaic guiding me through lots of set exercises and homework without the freedom to truly reflect and speak my truth and be heard.  

I was struck by Tess's brave approach and ability to go with whatever I bought to the session.  She was never phased and always able to keep up with my different and often conflicting lines of thought.  Her expertise in the sector was invaluable, she just got things so easily and her coaching ability was exceptional as she constantly found ways to help me reframe my thinking, challenge some of my negative beliefs and help me find my own way forward.

Despite the big change I was making the coaching helped me hold my nerve, stay grounded and relatively calm through some big hurdles (deciding to resign from my job, move to the countryside, start a PhD). Unlike past big life changes/ decisions I’ve been less plagued by self doubt and found a growing confidence and trust in my decisions  I will take into my future too."

Anon, International Development Professional


"When I started working with Tess I was feeling a bit lost and deflated without a proper direction regarding my business.  I knew I had loads of beliefs that were holding me back and felt that these would have to be addressed to move me forward and was open to any approach that would clarify my doubts. I was also lacking confidence about my performance and worth and was wondering if I should change direction professionally.

 Throughout our coaching sessions, Tess was truly supportive, moving me gently from mental confusion to crafting my way into creating a business I am passionate about. It’s still early days and there’s lots of work ahead to build it up to my vision but for the first time in a long time I feel motivated and can see where I want to be. Tess helped me focus on what I really want, establish priorities and create a plan to do it. Sometimes, after our sessions, my mind would be bubbling with ideas. The best things often happen when we move out of our comfort zone and this is a step that I’m taking thanks to Tess’s coaching and mentoring.

 I’m truly grateful for our time together and I’m certain I wouldn’t have achieved so much in such a short time without Tess."

Cristina Moreira - Business Entrepreneur and  Parenting Coach



"Tess was an incredibly supportive line manager, mentor and coach. I worked with her for two years at [.....] where she supported me through some high stress periods - she is very approachable, highly perceptive and a great, empathetic listener. Tess also supported me to take a significant step in my career. I had been struggling to make the jump to Senior Level roles, and found conversations with Tess really valuable in identifying the opportunities, weighing up the options, supporting my decision-making process and then transitioning to a more senior role.  This was an important breakthrough in my career and helped me start to develop my leadership skills and continue to grow into new, more senior roles."

Anon, Head of Institutional Relations, International Charity

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