Individual Coaching

We all reach points in our lives when we either want, or need, to make changes or take certain decisions. This might be a desire or need to;

  • realise our full potential;

  • progress, or change, our career;

  • overcome stress and / or burnout

  • improve health and well-being;

  • improve self-confidence

For some such junctures can lead to simply pondering which path to take; for others this may lead to a feeling of being completely stuck, confused, or frustrated.   Working with a coach can help you progress or become ‘unstuck’.


Is coaching right for you?

Coaching is right for anyone who wants, and is ready to make a change. It can be related to your career, reaching your potential, starting a new business or achieving that work / life balance you always dreamed of. It might be that you know what you want but you lack the confidence to get there. It may be related to a change in your personal life or could be intangible – you know you need change but are not sure exactly what that might be.

You may be so stressed that you can’t see how to change, but you know you need to, for your own wellbeing and health.


For some it may be straightforward, for others it may be a journey.

For coaching to make a difference, you need to be ready to make the change.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process that can enable significant and lasting change in life or work. It provides a non-judgemental, open, and confidential space that focuses on the client’s own thoughts, challenges and desired outcomes and goals.

It is focused on the future, rather than the past.


Working with a coach can help you overcome the feeling of being ‘stuck’ or simply help you take your life or work to the next level.  Different coaching models can be used to help you explore personal beliefs and values and how these may affect behaviour and your ability to move forwards. The solutions are often inside you, but coaching can help bring them to the fore.

Coaching differs from mentoring in that a mentor is someone who has deep knowledge of a certain topic / career area, who actively provides advice in that subject. Both have their value, and I can offer mentoring for specific individuals where I have the right skills set.  However, when change happens through coaching it is often more deep-rooted and long lasting - it is the person being coached who has ultimately found their own pathway, they just needed to be guided to find it.

Trauma informed coaching 

As well as the standard coaching qualifications I have also completed a Trauma Informed Coaching Masterclass and am about to embark on an accredited certificate in the topic. Trauma Informed Coaching is certainly not a replacement for therapy. It is about being able to adequately support those if and when any trauma arises in the coaching space and knowing how and when to refer. It also is about supporting those who have already received, or are receiving therapy, in order to additionally support them in recovery and next steps  

Why work with me?

I have a deep belief that good coaching can make a positive difference to people’s lives and careers.  I tailor my coaching to the client concerned and can draw upon a range of tools and techniques to help you get the best from your sessions. 


I worked for 20 years in progressively senior positions within humanitarian and development aid, living and working in the UK and overseas,  often in high pressured environments.  At various times I struggled with self doubt, lack of confidence and stress.  I felt that I wanted to build my confidence, make choices about my direction for a happier life, but not get stuck in analysing the past.  Coaching helped me do just that.

​I am practically minded and down to earth but not afraid of the spiritual.  

Specialist Areas

-          Confidence

-          Leadership development

-          Career progression

-          Overcoming stress, burnout and developing resilience

-          Working with those in humanitarian and development aid. (see separate page for more detail)


For many of us, making a change in one area of our life will inevitably affect other areas. For example, a career change may affect our relationships with loved ones. So, while I specialise in the areas above, I​ also recognise the complexity of change and the need to explore all areas that affect ability to move forward as required. 


Practicalities and Pricing




I can offer face to face , phone or online sessions.

As many of my clients are spread all over the world, most of my current practice is online and I can be flexible on timing to allow for different time-zones.


Fees may vary depending on your situation and requirements. As a guideline, the average is £60 per session (1 hour). I generally recommended 6 sessions - though packages can be tailored accordingly, depending on you. 

Travel costs for sessions held outside the Godalming / Guildford area will incur a charge. This can be discussed on case by case basis.

Face to Face sessions can be held in public locations at no additional fee. However I can also rent rooms in Guildford, but as this incurs a charge which will need to be included.


The first step is to have a FREE exploratory call, lasting up to half an hour. During this initial discussion, we will talk about your situation, the appropriateness of coaching for your needs. I will also answer any questions you may have. 

After that, and on mutual agreement to pursue coaching together, we will agree a suitable package of sessions and confirm frequency and method/ location.  I usually recommend 6 sessions of an hour in length, though this is flexible and dependent on your situation. 

You will be asked to fill out a ‘coaching agreement’ form, clarifying confidentiality and commitment of both parties.

All conversations are confidential, and your data will always be protected.