Organisational Services

"Tess was able to provide tools and support me to find alternative perspectives and solutions giving me the confidence to define, and be, the leader I wanted to be" 

Director, Safeguarding Charity


Coaching, Facilitation, Consultancy

I can work independently, or alongside associates. Specialist areas include:

  • Supporting organisations who work internationally, including charities and NGOs.

  • Setting up mentoring programmes 

  • Working with organisations to develop potential, grow new and effective leaders and improve wellbeing.  

  • Enabling managers and new leaders to develop the understanding, confidence and resilience to be the best they can possibly be, and help their organisations thrive.


  • Emerging Leaders & Leadership development

  • Career progression

  • Confidence

  • Overcoming stress, burnout and developing resilience


  • Wellbeing and Resilience workshops

  • Training services

    • Leadership,

    • Change Management


Further services in Safeguarding, Travel Risk Management and personal security training. 

 Please contact me for more information

How can coaching help your organisation?

In the UK alone, the Health and Safety Executive reported that in 2017/18, there were 0.6 million new or longstanding cases of  work related stress, depression or anxiety.  This amounted to 15.4 million lost working days and amounted to billions of pounds worth of costs.  ​Coaching has been shown to help people in managing stress and improve resilience, not only of the individual, but of the organisation as a whole.  

A study of Fortune 100 executives reported that “coaching resulted in a Return On Investment of almost 6 times the programme cost as well as improvements in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality” (Manchester Consulting Group).

Attitude and behaviour are infectious. If your staff are positive, resilient and led by great leaders, that can only be of positive benefit to your organisation, its productivity,  finances and reputation.    In today’s world this can be extraordinary.  I can help you get there.

Why work with Tess

I listen to your organisational needs and tailor a programme that is right for you,

enabling the organisation and its staff to fulfil their vision.

I am an accomplished coach, leader and facilitator. I can build positive rapport with people quickly and easily, face to face or remotely.  I have worked with individuals and teams from all over the world and from all cultures. Through experience in working in international emergencies, and in training people in hostile environment security, I can bring a unique perspective on how leadership can be affected by adverse pressure.  


I understand the need for great leadership, strategic vision and clear outcomes. I also understand the importance of a healthy workplace.  Through my own experience I know how coaching can help organisations achieve this.

In addition to an Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching, I also hold a Certificate in Corporate Coaching, both accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I have also set up international mentoring networks, including for CAFOD & Caritas. 

Building on techniques learnt through coaching qualifications, I tailor my approach to the needs of the client, while using recognised models and tools that focus on the individual, their personal values and beliefs.  In understanding those factors, real transformation can be achieved.  

Coaching with me can enable clients to unlock leadership potential, gain confidence and manage stress with more resilience.



I am able to draw on the skills and expertise of high level management consultants, who can provide group coaching and train in leadership, change management and personality / leadership assessment & profiling.  Please contact me for more information.

Tess frequently trains large international NGOs, universities, and small companies in safeguarding, travel risk management and personal security. If you are interested in any of these services please contact Tess to discuss further.